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The best journey in life is the journey back to yourself. Take a well-deserved break from the stresses of your busy day to focus on you. With a full-range of professional treatments and state-of-the-art facilities, Shobha's is the ultimate rejuvenating and relaxing experience.

Lavish Treatments

Our Most Relaxing Offerings

We offer a wide range of therapeutic services designed to relax, pamper and improve your well-being. Choose from our menu or customize. We’re happy to work together with you to create an individual package that best suits your needs. Shobha's is one of the top Health/ Wellness spas in Castlebar,Co.Mayo and we’re ready to pamper you in any way you wish. Check out a sampling of what we have to offer below.



Take a moment for yourself with our Reflexology Treatment . A treatment that fits into any busy schedule, revitalize your body, mind, and soul .

Reflexology is a Complementary therapy that uses the feet as a map or mirror of the whole body.
By applying gentle pressure to certain parts of the feet, the whole body can be re tuned
abd brought back into balance.the nerve endings in the feet are stimulated which helps the
body to nourish and heal itself.  Reflexology on the whole treats the body and mind to achieve a
state of well being.



* Reduce Stress
* Aids relaxation
* Improves Circulation
* Restores sleep Patterns
* Boosts Immune system
* Stimulate nerve function
* Hormone rebalance
* Increase energy levels

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Reflexology Lymph Drainage


Reflexology lymph drainage, or RLD for short is an award winning reflexology technique which focuses on stimulating the lymphatic reflexes on the feet. The aim is to cause an effect on the lymphatic system in the body. It is a unique sequence that has been researched and developed by Sally Kay, whilst working in Cancer Care.

The lymphatic system can be described as the body’s secondary circulatory system, in which lymphatic fluid is moved around the body. It has its own network of vessels, and does a number of important jobs. It absorbs fat from the digestive system, helps to regulate body fluid, and provides the body with its vital natural defences against disease.

Unlike the circulatory system which has the heart to pump it along, the lymphatic system relies on the pulsation of arteries, the pressure difference in the upper body created by breathing, peristaltic movement of the intestine and contractions in the lymph vessels themselves.

Maternity Reflexology


Pregnancy is a beautiful time in a Woman’s life., as the baby develops and grows, he/she can
put a strain on the mothers changing body. Reflexology is a wonderful therapy,which can
really help with treating minor disorders of pregnancy can be used safely during pregnancy
and labour.Reflexology will not interfere with the viability of pregnancy but some clients
may prefer to wait until after the 12 th week,to avail of its benefits.Reflexology can be done
from the first Trimester.


* Reduces morning sickness
* Relieves heartburn and indigestion, constipation and Haemorrids, lower back pain
* Prepares the body for labour by balancing the body systems,epically the endocrine system which governs the labour process.

*The length of labour can be very much reduced by having regular reflexology treatment in the weeks prior to the expected date of delivery.
* During labour Reflexology can be used to boost energy levels and aid relaxation between contractions. It helps with pain control by stimulating the production of endorphins.
* Babies born to mothers who had regular Reflexology land Metamorphic technique are very calm,suckle better and less prone to colic.

Gold Ribbon

There is no scientific evidence to prove that reflexology can cure or prevent any type of disease, including cancer. It is still a popular form of complementary therapy for people with cancer. Some studies have looked at using it to help with symptoms such as pain, sickness and anxiety.

Reflexology for Oncology is the most medically accepted therapy in mainstream medicine in the West today and in Ireland. In Oncology Reflexology we work to improve for our client, general energy levels, to bring deep relaxation, to improve the emotional outlook of the client, to improve pain levels, to heal trauma and shock, to improve exhaustion, to improve all the eliminating processes. We have recognized clinical studies today that support the fact that Reflexology works on all these levels.


Management of pain in certain long term painul conditions like Fibromyalgia,and other Auto Immune diseases ,to mention few lihe  Arthritis, Ulcerative colitis, Multiple Sclerosis,IBS that  is designed to help  you manage the pain and live better life

"you are not alone, I am here with you" to assist you on your journey prioritising optimal health and well being with Kruchik method of Reflexology 

Pregnancy Massage

Pregnancy in White

Research has shown that women who are touched compassionately during pregnancy will ‘touch their
children more regularly, effectively and sensitively’. Taking massage during pregnancy relieves from
stress, anxiety and increases deep sleep, improved moods and fewer painful back and leg
Few of the potential benefits of pregnancy massage are
 Improved circulation which in turn can reduce muscle spasms and oedema.
 Enhanced lactation and increased Prolactin production ,enhancing mothers abilities to
nurture her infant.
 Improved Emotional Wellbeing – studies indicate that massage can decrease stress
hormones, reduce depression and anxiety and increase serotonin levels.
Happy Mum = Happy baby.
 Boosting and stimulating the lymphatic system which in turn boosts the immune system. 

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Lymphatic Drainage Massage


Lymphatic drainage massage is gentle with light,slow and rythmicical massage along with pumping
movements, moving the skin in different directions lengthwise,horizontally and diagonally that
encourages the movement of lymph fluids around the body. LDM stimulates the immune system. It
relieves stress because its very relaxing. Its slow , gentle,repetitive movements reduce the body’s
“fight or flight response”.
Oedema during pregnancy is not uncommon. Carpal Tunnel is also caused from Oedema. Regular
LDM treatments after the first trimester can help to prevent oedema occuring. LDM also have an
positive effect on people with fluid retention and also cellulite skin conditions. Its recommended for
Individuals who suffer from low energy or common illness related to their Immune System.

Swedish massage is a whole body Therpeutic massage treatment to relax the entire body. But the benefiits of swedish massage go beyond the relaxation.Its a gentle massage that has light to gentle pressure.  It can help increase the level of oxygen in the blood and improve circulation and flexibility while releasing tension from the surface layers of muscles. It can help release muscle knots.


Benefits of Swedish Massage.


  • Pain management

  • Increased blood flow

  • Increased flexibility

  • Reduce  stress

  • Induces sleep


Indian head massage


Indian head massage is a traditional massage practise of India. Its a holoistic therapy where facee,
neck and upper arms and shoulders are worked which are prone to high levels of stress and tension.


* Aids in Relaxation
* Relief from headaches, migraines and sinus
* Brain stimulation
* Eases stiffness in neck and shoulders
* Induces sleep reducing Insomnia

Back Neck and shoulder massage


This  treatment will make you shine. it is great for releasing any tension on shoulders, lower back and neck. Each session is tailored to the individual's needs and situation. After a consultation enabling you to discuss and talk with your therapist the reason for your treatment , which enables the therapist to use variety of massage techniquesto help you get the most from your treatment. . Book your appointment today.

Hopi Ear candling


Take a moment for yourself with our Ear Candling  Treatment . A treatment that fits into any busy schedule, revitalize your body, mind, and soul with our relaxing, therapeutic invigorating treatment. You’ll leave feeling revived, rejuvenated and completely centered.

Ear candling is a wonderful and relaxing treatment that helps calm the mind and soothes the
head and ears. With the magical scent of chamomile, honey,sage the ear candles give a calming and relaxing experience.

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Marma point face massage - Head and Face

Head Massage

A ‘ Marma’ point is a juncture on the body where two or more types of tissue meet,such as
muscles,veins,ligaments,bones or joints. They are subtle pressure points, similar to acupressure
Marma therapy is the art of treating specific vital points on the human body and is one of the the
greatest healing secrets of Ayurveda. It can be used to detoxify,strenghten,and revitalise the body,
rejuvenate and relax or to release blocked energy. Working these points we can stimulate, promote
self healing and harmonise mind and body. We can help improve eyesight imbalance, alleviate ear
problems and ease headaches and migraine.
There are 107 marma points in the body . major marma points correspond to the seven chakras or
energy points in the body. There are 37 marma points on the head and neck. Marma point massage
is thought to cleanse blocked energy by either stimulating or calming the approriate chakra i.e
bringing back into balance.

Lymphatic drainage Face Massage


Take a moment for yourself with our Lymphatic Drainage Facial Treatment . A treatment that fits into any busy schedule, revitalize your body, mind, and soul with our relaxing, therapeutic invigorating Facial Treatment. You’ll leave feeling revived, rejuvenated and completely centered.

Lymph drainage massage facial is a light touch massage on the face ,neck and chest area. It’s a powerful healing tool for many health ailments and skin conditions. The intention is to
stimulate the lymph vessels that run just below the skin. The lymphatic system drains excess interstitial fluids from tissues and is a vital part of immune system. This means lymph
drainage facial can stimulate your immune system during and after times of illness and can help in many cases of allergies, sinusitis ,puffiness around the eyes .

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Aisling De silva

Went to Shobha's yesterday for a Back, Neck and Shoulder massage and Reflexology.  Thank you so much Shobha for 1.5 hours of total relaxation  - I feel really good afterwards.  I would highly recommend Shobha.

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Doda Motiu 

Thank you  so much  for the wonderful  treatment  was amazing  feeling wonderful after  aI will recommend everyone 👍GOOD  LUCK 🎉❤

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