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Payot Face Moving Smoothing Face Cups is a duo facial massager that helps improve the elasticity and suppleness of the skin to preserve its apparent youthfulness.

The large suction cup promotes drainage while the small one helps smooth out wrinkles.


Drain. Drain with the large cup: pinch the cup to expel the air. Place it on the skin and release the pressure (the skin should bulge into the cup). Pinch the cup again to loosen it. Repeat the gesture all along the neck and the oval.

Smoothing. Smooth with the small cup. On all visible wrinkles, pinch to remove air. Place the cup on the wrinkle and release the pressure. Slide the cup along the wrinkle. Remove the cup by pinching it again.

Payot Cups Visage Lissante Tool

SKU: P0065118036
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