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Payot My Period The Cure is a care of 9 serums with 3 specific formulas, tailor-made to rebalance the skin of women during the female cycle.

This care is to start on the first day of the rules and for 9 consecutive days to limit the visible signs of the female cycle on the skin:

Day 1 to 3: purifying serums with mint extract that purify and cleanse the skin to eliminate imperfections due to the hormonal peak at the start of menstruation.

Day 4 to 6: Soothing serums with jasmine extract that soothe, comfort and nourish skin sensitized by stress hormone fluctuations during periods.

Day 7 to 9: energizing serums with orange extract that restore energy and strength to tired skin, to revive its radiance and reduce signs of fatigue.

This care is presented in a nomadic and eco-designed packaging, in the form of single-dose ampoules, designed from recycled material.


Break off the end of the ampoule then apply all of its content to the perfectly cleansed face and neck in the evening, before the usual cream.

Start on the first day of your period for 9 consecutive days.

Avoid contact with the eyes. Avoid exposure to UV rays or use suitable sun protection.

External use only. Do not swallow. Keep out of the reach of children.

Disposable ampoule, to be discarded after application.

Indication: Facial serums. All skin types..

Payot My Period The Cure

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