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Payot Face Moving Quartz Roller Face Sculpting is a double-ended facial massager that helps stimulate and firm tissues while soothing the skin.

The smooth part will sculpt the skin while the raised part helps to smooth the skin.

Bearer of peace, rose quartz is known in lithotherapy to soothe the heart and mind.


Sculpt: with the smooth part, smooth from the inside to the outside, from the bottom to the top, starting with the neck, oval, cheeks, dark circles, eyebrows and forehead.

Smooth: with the raised part, make small vertical and then horizontal smoothing movements, covering the whole cheek, then the forehead.

Drain: with the smooth part, place the roller on the temple. Smooth from the temple to the collarbone, following the contour of the face, 5 times on each side.


Pink quartz.

Payot Quartz Roller Visage Sculptant Tool

SKU: P0065118038
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