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Adorned with a hypnotic decor, the Roselift Collagen Set is ideal for offering your skin a routine of collagen-boosting lifting treatments. Discover a duo of 2 Roselift Collagen treatments for the face and eye contour, accompanied by a quartz roller, perfect for boosting the effectiveness of your treatments and sculpting your face.

 1x Roselift Collagen The Day , 50ml

 1x Roselift Collagen The Look , 15ml

 1x Quartz Roller

 How To Use

Roselift Collagen Day : Apply from the center of the face outwards, from the neck to the forehead with light strokes. Perform tapping movements over the entire face and neck.

Roselift Collagène Regard : Apply to the eye contour, emphasizing the upper and lower eyelids. Tap while avoiding the mobile eyelid.

Payot Roselift Collagen Gift Set

SKU: P0065118059
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